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Christianity and Equality 6: Four Theories of Justice

We previously described what we call the four settings of justice: judicial, familial, political, and economic. These settings of justice naturally combine in a variety of ways. We’ll consider four such combinations, which we’ll call the four theories of justice.

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Christianity and Equality 5: Judge of All, Father to Some

God’s special love for some rather than for all fits awkwardly with the spirit of the age. But the biblical emphasis on exclusive love—regularly elided in Christian conversation about God’s relationship to the world—cannot be avoided, because it’s all over the Bible.

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Christianity and Equality 4: God and the World

We are mothers and brothers, teachers and preachers; we are customers and consumers. But we aren’t everything to everyone. We have different kinds of relationships, and these relationships vary in scope. It sounds complicated, but that’s life. When we talk about God's relationship to the world, we have to keep kind and scope in mind.

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